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Check out HJ’s New Promo Video !   Features HJ’s Extreme Service Trac-Pac Compaction Wheels, HJ’s U.S. Patent Awarded Compactor Planetary Seal Guard and HJ’s Anti-Wire Wrap ” Wall ” Guard.

Video Link Below:

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Is Hard Surfacing Compaction Cleats a Good Maintenance Practice

A frequent question asked by waste handling operations when it comes to extending the life of their compaction wheel cleats –  should one apply hard surfacing to the cleats periodically ?  The answer is No.

Compaction cleats are manufactured as a casting or as a forging and one critical final step each cleat goes thru  during the manufacturing process is heat treatment.   Heat treatment helps provide the desired mechanical and wear characteristics for the cleats.  When hard surfacing is applied at a later date in the field, the procedure can negatively affect the mechanical and wear properties of the cleats leading to premature wear or even breakage.

Your best solution to getting the most out of your compaction wheel cleats is to acquire wheels / cleats from a firm specializing in compaction wheels, be sure to acquire the right cleat for your application and periodically rotate the wheels.

HJ Industries can assist you and your operation with this.  Please feel free to call or email: Phone: 440-937-6985

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Coordinating Guard Installs with Scheduled Maintenance

HJ Final Drive Guard

Finding time to down that Landfill Compactor or Waste Handling Dozer that may not have critical wheel seal or final drive protection installed can be difficult.  As a reminder, coordinating wheel seal and final drive guarding installations with equipment powertrain rebuilds, undercarriage replacements or with reman landfill compactor wheels is a great way to get these units protected or to replace ineffective guards without the unscheduled downtime.

HJ’s U.S. Patent Awarded Bolt on 836 / 826 Wheel Seal Guards & Waste Handling Dozer Final Drive Guards are prime guarding solutions.

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When To Replace Those Compactor Wheels / Cleats

Have you ever considered replacing your Landfill Compaction Wheels / Cleats every two years vs. the industry standard of three to four years or when the average cleat height reaches 4.5″ to 5 ” ?

When I see compactors equipped with 3 to 4 yr old wheels where the cleats are not quite considered worn out by industry standards, yet when you look at the cleats there is no doubt they are beyond their useful life , it reminds me of one of my favorite quotes,  “Activity is not productivity “.   The compactor is moving, however is it really taking full advantage of the available airspace and making the most out of the infrastructure in place ?  Is it utilizing additional fuel ?  Leaving soft spots ? Exerting additional wear & tear on the unit due to wheel slippage ?

Stretching the wheels / cleats lifespan into the third / fourth year cut short term costs, but what are the long term consequences with airspace, cover, maintenance and fuel ?   A compactor with new  8 ”  Tall compaction cleats operating in that third & fourth year will be far more effective than one beating the  6″ cleats into submission.

When you consider the expense for a set of reman wheels or replacement cleats every two years within the whole scope, the expense is quite small relative to the greatly positive impact it can have in making the most out of the available airspace and making the most out of your site’s infrastructure.  Just an alternative approach to consider.

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KEEP OUT ! – Landfill Cover Soil

Every once in awhile I like to bring this one topic up just as a friendly reminder:

Make every effort possible to assure your Landfill Compactors avoid the cover soil and stay on the waste material.

As you  know, cover soil has a strong potential to pack compaction wheels and packed compaction wheels prohibit a compactor from being productive.   This is even more critical if your units are not equipped with a wheel / cleat pattern designed to shed material or self clean.

A Few Quick Reminders when a Landfill Compactor is being utilized & cover soil is present:


2.  Train equipment operators not to traverse the landfill compactor through the cover soil when travelling to and from the working face.

3. Opt for compaction wheels equipped with cleats that wear sharp & taper during their life cycle. Cleats that wear sharp consistently release soil / material as they exit the ground.


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Compaction Wheel Rotation Tip


One of the best things you can do to extend the life of your compaction wheels and gain some free compaction efficiency is to periodically rotate the landfill compactor’s wheels.  Rotated wheels wear evenly, compact better, maintain much needed traction throughout the wheel life cycle longer and can provide up to an additional 1,500 hours of cleat wear life.

A good rule of thumb is to plan on rotating the wheels once a year or every 2,000 hours.  If you start to realize a noticeable wear difference between the front and rear wheels prior to the 2,000 hour interval,  it may be time to pull out that T-Square once again.  If you find the rear wheels on average are a .25 ” lower in height in comparison to the front wheels, rotate the wheels.

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Don’t Forget About Those Landfill Compactor Wheel Seals

Now that you’ve checked out your dozer’s final drives, don’t forget to check those wheel seals on your Landfill Compactors for cable, wire & debris.  This one proves to be a little bit of a challenge as the final drives on the dozers are easily accessible, yet the compactor wheel seal areas are not.   Removing the wheels and / or disassembling the OEM guards are a couple ways, yet very time consuming and waiting for oil to show up on the wheel’s inner rim or bolt ring probably means you’re a little too late.

Have an easier preventive maintenance practice you institute at your facility – let us know

HJ’s suggestion – install the HJ Wheel Seal Guard.  The U.S. Patent Awarded guard fits nicely up inside the wheel assembly and completely encloses the vulnerable seal within the guard, protecting it from damaging elements.   Permits you to move on to additional projects with no need to worry about wheel seals.


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