Compaction Wheel Rotation

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One of the best things you can do to extend the life of your compaction wheels and gain some free compaction efficiency is to periodically rotate the landfill compactor’s wheels.  Rotated wheels wear evenly, compact better, maintain much needed traction throughout the wheel life cycle longer and can provide up to an additional 1,500 hours of cleat wear life.

A good rule of thumb is to plan on rotating the wheels once a year or every 2,000 hours.  If you start to realize a noticeable wear difference between the front and rear wheels prior to the 2,000 hour interval,  it may be time to pull out that T-Square once again.  If you find the rear wheels on average are a .25 ” lower in height in comparison to the front wheels, rotate the wheels.

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What If – You Never Needed to Clean Your Roller Frames ?

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HJ Compaction Wheels RIP It Up


HJ’s New Ripper Series Compaction Cleat.

* Compatible with O.E.M. cleaner bar arrangements

* Frontal Knife Blade rips thru waste material & provides rapid material size reduction

* Provides a favorable surface finish for both MSW & C&D applications

Ripper Cleat sets available for purchase or can be acquired thru HJ’s Reman Exchange Compaction Wheel Program.

HJ Ripper Series Compaction ToothGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

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825 Dirt Compaction Wheels For Sale


825 Dirt Compaction Wheel Set For Sale:

1.  Reman wheel set with approx  800 hours use

2.  Will fit the following models:   825C  /  825G  /  825H

3.  Located Phoenix, AZ                   Price On Request

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Adding Some Traction to that Electric Drive

D7E LGP just equipped with the New HJ Trac-Pac Series Track Pad ready to head out and tear it up in the landfill.

HJ's Caterpillar D7E Track Pads

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New D7E Trac-Pac Series Track Pads Keep Your Roller Frames Clean !

Another set of HJ’s New Trac-Pac Series Track Pads ready to ship out for a New D7E.  Equipping your waste handling dozers with the HJ waste handling pads is a great way to increase traction and wear life, reduce roller frame packing, I mean SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE ROLLER FRAME PACKING, lower overall maintenance costs and eliminate downtime for frame cleaning.


HJ Trac-Pac Series Track Pad design / concept is Patent Pending

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You  NEVER  had to repair another Final Drive on your Waste Handling Dozer ?

Check out HJ’s U.S. Patent Awarded Final Drive Protection System at:

Phone: 440-937-6985

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